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Combining Advanced High Strength Steel with the most advanced manufacturing process has resulted in the industry’s most successful dump body, the DBA2000. Rugged durability is taken to a new level with this body that delivers exceptional payload capacity with high strength-to-weight rations that have allowed for a reduction in weight. For the prudent owner, all these characteristics are of top importance to maintaining a profitable service, using the DBA2000.

Standard Features

  • 3/16” Advanced High Strength Steel
  • Choose between Quard 450 and Hardox 450 
  • Includes Floor, Tailgate, Side Walls, Front Bulkhead Sheet, and Hoist Tunnel “Dog House”
  • 48” Tall Side Walls with dirt shedding features.  
  • No Bends or Folds increases the ability of the side wall to flex and react as one large plate.  It is the recommended design practice from Hardox and Quard engineering: they call it “quadratic free area.”  
  • Knowledgeable operators have come to associate the flexible wall with increased durability.  
  • 4” x 6” x 3/16” rectangle tube top rail
  • 6-Panel Fully Boxed Heavy Duty Tailgate with 54” Inside Height.
  • Heavy Duty Upper Tailgate Hinges with removable, greasable upper pins
  • Inside Cleanouts completely line around the inside body provides easy material release. With these cleanouts, there will also be less cleaning and maintenance time.
  • Inside and Outside Body Steps
  • In-cab controls, including Air Tailgate Latch valve, Air Shift PTO engage, feathering Air Dump Pump control, Console Tower
  • Air Operated Tailgate Latch and pneumatic cylinder
  • Oil Tank located inside Hoist Tunnel for protection while saving frame mounting space.
  • Hydraulic hoses, fittings, and valves
  • Tailgate Spreader Chains
  • Crossmemberless Floor Understructure uses 3/16” Trapezoidal Longsills internally gusseted:  Your Choice between 11” or 8” Tall
  • Comes with Zinc Rich Primer, the best on the market, or an optional Genesis Primer.
  • Hoist sized to match your body and application.  7” Bore 4-stage Telescoping hoist, typical.  Additional sizes available based on your needs. Your Choice between Custom Hoist and Hyva cylinders
  • Dump Pump sized to match your hoist, chassis, and application
  • Hoist Basket Cradle
  • Heavy Duty Rear Hinge with greasable pins
  • Standard Dump Body Light Package with Rubber Grommets includes 6” Oval Stop, Turn, Tail Lights (4 pc) and 2½” Round Red Side Marker Lights (2 pc) and wiring harness
  • Complete wiring harness customized for our dump body light package with additional leads for auxiliary lights
  • Body Props and Bed Guides, 1 each per side for extra safety and ease of operation
  • 1 Year Warranty on body
  • American made since 1920: No other country produces the fine quality as true American Made products, Rowe Truck Equipment continues the tradition.

Optional Features

  • ¼” thick AHSS Upgrade for Floor, Tailgate, Side Wall, and Front Bulkhead sheet
  • Integrated Cab Shield to match the cab height and width on your chassis.
  • Quarter (15”), Half (27”), and Full (36”) Forward Projection Cab Shield
  • Electric Tarp Covering System built into the Integrated Cab Shield for a clean, seamless look.
  • Body Steps Grab Handle to Cab Shield
  • Sloped Forward Tailgate, Increases the control of load dumping and portioning.
  • 2 Slopes to choose from:  12” and 6” Forward Slope on 48” Wall Height
  • Barn Door Tailgate, double acting: Conventional Dump and Barn Door Swing Gate
  • Lay Flat Tailgate
  • Air Operated High Lift Tailgate
  • Coal Chute, up to 3
  • Spread Aprons, Fully welded, bolt-on, and pin-on designs available that come in 6”, 8”, 10”, 12” lengths.
  • Offset Front Corners to clear exhaust stacks mounted behind the cab.
  • Trunnion Mounted Telescopic Hoist: Chose from Mailhot Industries or Hyva.
  • Customize our Hoist Tunnel to match your existing hydraulic system
  • Underbody Hoists for body lengths 14’ and smaller.
  • RTE manufactures its own line of Underbody Sub-Frame Hoists including our robust Under Body Arm Hoist and Front Mount Telescopic Hoist.  Sub-frameless Scott Hoists and sub-frame Harsh Hoists are available as well.
  • Heated Floor Understructure
  • Tread Brite aluminum fender covers
  • Body Vibrator
  • Pintle Hitches, air actuated
  • Custom Paint: Nothing looks better than a great paint job. Our dedicated paint booth produces auto-showroom quality results. While others can’t, we make AHSS look great.
  • Polyurea coating
  • Side Board options include Single, Double, and Tapered. You Choose Wood, Steel, Aluminum, or Poly Composite.
  • Asphalt Bolster (45° bumper) configuration for underframe asphalt paver clearance when dumping asphalt
  • Rectangular Frame Mounted Oil Tanks with internal baffles, breather fill cap, and sight level indicator, and multiple port sizes and locations.
  • Additional Lights, such as Strobes or Oval Ambers, installed in the Cab Shield, Fender, or Rear Corner Post
  • Body Ladders.  You Chose 2 or 3-Rungs from Fixed, Removable, or Retractable styles
  • Shovel, Scraper, and Broom Holders
  • Window opening in Front Bulkhead Sheet
  • Body Tie-Down/Spreader Clips
Standard Tailgate Features
  • Fully Box Formed and completely welded.  Full Height Vertical Stiffeners and dirt shedding formed top and bottom rails.
  • Heavy Duty Tailgate Hardware, fully greaseable cast hinge and hinge box, forged tailgate latches.
  • Crush zone reinforcement.  Our gate is designed to keep its shape even when exposed to the repeated beating of material flowing out and the return swing of the gate back to the body.  Bent tailgates are a thing of the past.
Sloped Forward Gate Image

The Sloped Forward Tailgate option is perfect for jobs that require precise control when dumping, such as filling asphalt paver hoppers or spreading gravel.  The unique design causes the tailgate to easily seal, allowing for quicker response when metering out the material.  Loads can be partially discharged and then quickly stopped mid-flow.  The Sloped Forward Tailgate is available in 2 configurations: 14and 7o.  On a 48 in. wall height, this is the same as 12 in. and 6 in. Forward Slope, respectively.  The Sloped Forward Tailgate option is often combined with the Asphalt Bolster option, which allows for greater clearance near the paver hopper.


Actuated by a 3.5 in. large bore air cylinder, our Air Tailgate Latch option provides a convenient way to secure the tailgate from within the cab.  The air cylinder is made in America to exacting standards to ensure smooth operation and long lasting performance.  The rear latch mechanism is fully adjustable to allow the operator complete control of the closing force on the tailgate.  The smart design of the latch mechanism ensures the gate will stay closed even in the event of loss of air pressure.  It is a reliable way to secure your load and operate in the safest manner possible.  Available in pneumatic push/pull valve control or electric switch control.

Barn Door Swing Gate Image

The Barn Door Swing Gate option is a multi-functioning tailgate assembly that allows for two types of tailgate actions.  The fully greasable upper rear hinge knuckle is double-acting.  Firstly in conventional dumping, the tailgate opens with a top mounted hinge pin.  When the Barn Door Swing Gate feature is engaged, the robust double acting upper rear hinge allows the gate to swing like a door.  The Barn Door Swing Gate opens all the way against and parallel to the side wall and can be safely secured in the open position with the built-in retainer.  This completely opens the back of the body, making access room for large equipment to straight load bigger objects, like tree stumps or construction rubbish, without the need for overhead hoists or cranes.  This option is available on almost our entire line of bodies, including Crossmemberless Smooth Side Body, Round Body, Standard Post Side Body, and PLD contractor bodies.


The Lay Flat Spread Gate does exactly what its name says:  it lays flat with floor when engaged.  This is useful for situations requiring loading or unloading from the rear by shovel or other non-dumping methods.  The Lay Flat Spread Gate also works just like a conventional tailgate with a top mounted hinge pin.  It can also be completely removed when a rear spreader is attached.  The Lay Flat Spread Gate is available for tailgates 44 in. tall and smaller.  It is a popular choice for utility, municipal, and contractor jobs.

High Lift Tailgate Image

The High Lift Tailgate option works with a large bore air cylinder to lift the tailgate up and away from the floor.  When fully raised, the tailgate will be 22 in. above the top wall.  The strong double acting upper rear hinge allows the gate to work just like a conventional tailgate with a top mounted hinge pin.  The air cylinder is made in America to exacting standards to ensure smooth operation and long lasting performance.  The fully enclosed air-line system eliminates the possibility of entanglement and the fully welded debris shield provides cylinder protection and access.  An in-cab control makes operation easy and a built-in safety feature prevents the High Lift action until the Air Tailgate Latch has been released.  No more bent tailgates or cylinders.

Coal Chute/Meter Gate Image
Coal Chute/Meter Gate Image

The Coal Chute option is an opening at the bottom of the tailgate that can be opened at several positions to allow for precise control of emptying material (not just coal!) from the body.  Choose one, two, or three Coal Chutes installed in the tailgate for ease of access and side spreading. The standard placement is in the middle, but placement to either side is possible.  Available for the complete line of RTE dump bodies.

Sludge Lock Image

These latches are used in addition to the rear latch to clamp the tailgate to the body.  They are manually tightened and the tailgate cannot come open until they have been manually released.  For some flowing payloads, a tighter seal must be kept around the perimeter of the tailgate.  No tailgate is watertight, but Sludge Locks provide a simple solution to keep most other materials sealed inside the body.


Grab Handles can be installed on tailgates to provide a location for operators to safely open the tailgate.  Protect your hands and fingers.

Panel Configurations Image

Our tailgates are available with single, double, 3-panel, 6-panel, or 9-panel fully boxed options.  RTE recommends 9-panels for our Standard Post Side Body and 6-panel for our Crossmemberless Smooth Side Body.  Lighter bodies can benefit from the reduced weight of the single, double, or 3-panel option.


The type and size of material used in your tailgate can be specified to match the requirements of the job.  Our Crossmemberless Smooth Side Body uses 3/16 in. Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) for the tailgate baseplate and normally that is sufficient for most jobs.  But for heavy duty jobs, we offer a ¼ in. thick upgrade.  Or choose thinner 5/32 in. steel for less demanding applications.  Similarly, our Standard Post Side Body uses 10 gauge High Strength Low Alloy Grade 50, but we offer the same choices in thicknesses up to ¼”.  You can also select AHSS for use on your Standard Post Side Body, if you expect the tailgate to take extended abuse.  For some users, Stainless Steel would be an appropriate material choice.  Contact RTE for help in choosing the best combination of material and thickness for your needs.

Cab Shield Image

RTE has an extensive line of Cab Shields to provide protection for the chassis cab and driver from excess material being dumped into the body.  It also is the mounting feature for electric operated tarp covering systems.  All Cab Shields are constructed from High Strength Low Alloy Grade 50 material.  There are 3 lengths of Forward Projection to choose from:  36 in. Full Cab Shield, 27 in. Half Cab Shield, or 15 in. Quarter Cab Shield.  The Standard Cab Shield features an adjustable height installation system and tarp mounting surface.  The Integrated Cab Shield is used on Crossmemberless Smooth Side Bodies, but can be added to a Standard Post Side Body, if requested.  The Integrated Cab Shield incorporates the tarp mount system into a single unit, resulting in a clean profile that looks as good as it functions.  The motor is positioned so it is completely within the profile of the Cab Shield, eliminating annoying overhang that drivers must avoid when entering or exiting the cab.  We offer two sizes of Wind Deflectors, 9 in. or 13 in.  There is also the new aerodynamically improved “Aero-Max” Wind Deflector.  Cab Shields can be fabricated to fit between exhaust stacks.  You can specify any cab shield height you need, usually based on your chassis and cab selection.  Contact RTE for a Cab Shield Data Form to determine the best Cab Shield for your needs.

Cab Shield Lights Image

Make your unit stand out visually by adding Oval Amber or Strobe, Round Marker, or Top Mounted lights to the front, sides, or top of your Cab Shield.  Contact RTE for a Cab Shield Data Form to determine the best Cab Shield for your needs.

Window Image

A Headsheet Window will provide visibility from the cab into the body to check on the condition of the load or to assist in back up maneuvers.  The size and location from the chassis frame is needed to position the window exactly where you need it.

Shovel/Broom Holder Image

Shovel, broom, or scraper holders can be installed on the front of the Headsheet.  These make a great location to hold loose items in the space between the cab and the body.  RTE has a Shovel Holder Data Form to complete to ensure proper sizing and positioning.

Exhaust Clearance Image
Exhaust Clearance

Some trucks have exhaust systems that are mounted behind the cab.  RTE has a unique solution to keep the body as close to the cab as possible while still maintaining clearance with the exhaust.  We offer several Offset Headsheets to accommodate the location and size of different exhaust systems, including DPF exhausts.  5.5 in., 8 in., and 16.5 in. offsets are available for passenger side, driver side, or dual side exhaust stacks.  If your stacks extend above the cab, the cab shield can be made to fit in-between them.  Contact RTE for a Cab Shield Data Form and to determine the best Cab Shield for your needs.


The Headsheet can be customized with several features to get the most from your body.  Our Crossmemberless Smooth Side Body uses 3/16 in. Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) for the Headsheet.  For heavy duty jobs, we offer a ¼ in. thick upgrade.  Or choose thinner 5/32 in. steel for less demanding applications.  Our Standard Post Side Body uses 10 gauge High Strength Low Alloy Grade 50, but we offer the same choices in thicknesses up to ¼”.  You can also select AHSS for use on your Standard Post Side Body for even greater strength.  For some users, Stainless Steel would be an appropriate material choice.  Contact RTE for help in choosing the best combination of material and thickness for your needs.


Installed at the front of the body about 36” above the floor.  Perfect for sticky materials that tend to clog the front corners with large deposits.

Sloped Front to Back Image

The Sloped Wall feature (sometimes called a “Western” style) is used in situations that require more loading near the cab to assist in weight distribution.  It can also be used as a permanent substitute for Side Boards.  In addition to those benefits, it also looks great!

Side Boards Image

A popular choice when operating at sites using front end loaders or bucket excavators that side load into the dump body.  When timing is critical, even the best loader operator can inadvertently move the bucket into the side wall, usually right at the top.  If this happens, wood Side Boards allow for easy replacement.  RTE uses No.1  SYP planks, flame burnished resulting in a fine appearance.  The Side Boards can be single or double stacked.  The Board-and-a-half option consists of a sloping top board, giving the usefulness of a Slope Front to Back side wall option combined with the versatility of a removable Side Board.  When installed, Side Boards provide increased cubic capacity.  With Side Boards removed, the ease of access is increased and the possibility of capacity overload is reduced.

Mid-Body Board Brackets Image

When using Side Boards, especially double-stacked boards, a Mid-Body Board Bracket provides additional support for the wood planks.  Usually these are used when the Side Boards are not expecting to be removed frequently.

Fender/Rub Rail and Top Rail Lights Image

Make your unit stand out by adding Oval Amber or Strobe, or Round Marker side mounted lights to the lower Fender or main Top Rail of your Side Wall.  Contact RTE for to determine the best lights and locations for your requirements.

Electric Body Tarp Image

The Electric Body Tarp is the best way to cover your payload in fast, safe, and reliable manner.  The in-cab control makes it easy for the operator since no physical labor is required.  The heavy duty electric motor, assembled in America, retracts the tarp to the open uncovered position.  The tarp is rolled into cab shield.  With our Integrated Cab Shield option, the retracted tarp is completely enclosed within the Cab Shield Wind Deflector.  When the operator is ready to cover the load, a return spring automatically pivots the tarp arms into the closed position.  There are several choices of tarp systems.

Underbody Spring Mount

Underbody Spring Mount tarp systems are the most popular tarp system.  The return spring is mounted beneath the fender rub rail at the bottom of the Side Wall.  It is available for all Standard Post Side Body and Crossmemberless Smooth Side Body styles.

Banjo Spring Mount

Banjo Spring Mount tarp systems are used on special bodies.  The return spring is mounted beneath the main Top Rail at the top of the Side Wall.  The Banjo Spring Mount tarp system is not used for most applications, unless recommended by RTE.

Tarp Material

The actual Tarp material is durable and thick, sure to withstand many seasons of use.  It is available in two material types.  Mesh Tarps are the most popular tarp material.  Asphalt Tarps are an option when handling sticky materials that can become attached to the tarp and cause problems when rolling up.  Additional side and rear flap extensions are available when complete payload coverage is desired.

Body Steps with Handle Image

The Body Step with Handle is a safe way for an operator to access the inside of the body without crawling under the tailgate or throwing a leg over the Side Wall.  The Body Steps are located at the front of the body to facilitate immediate access from the cab steps to the body.  Optional underbody fender Steps make entering directly from the ground possible.  The Body Steps are corrugated to ensure a non-slip surface and the Handle provides a secure place to firmly grip by hand.  Inside Body Steps straps make entering the body as easy as ever.  The Body Steps are normally placed on the driver side, but they can be installed on the passenger side, or both.  The Handle is available on all bodies that use a Cab Shield.  The formed handle extends continuously from the bottom of the ladder up past the top rail and towards the front of the body on the cab shield, providing an overhead handle, a unique design element used exclusively by RTE.

Material & Thickness Image

The Side Wall can be customized with several features to get the most from your body.  Our Crossmemberless Smooth Side Body uses 3/16 in. Ultra-High Strength Steel for the Side Wall.  For heavy duty jobs, we offer a 1/4 in. thick upgrade.  Or choose thinner 5/32 in. steel for less demanding applications.  Our Standard Post Side Body uses 10 gauge High Strength Low Alloy Grade 50 and we offer thicknesses from 5/32  in. up to 1/4 in.  For some users, Stainless Steel would be an appropriate material choice.  Contact RTE for help in choosing the best combination of material and thickness for your needs.

Crossmemberless Image

Our Crossmemberless Smooth Side Body utilizes single pieced formed trapezoidal long sill instead of traditional C-Channel main rails and I-Beam crossmembers.  The result is a lighter floor assembly that does not form a washboard appearance.  Fabricated with Ultra-High Strength Steel, the floor is exceptionally durable and a main reason why this body is capable of outlasting many crossmember style units.  The absence of Channels and Beams reduce places for material to accumulate and rust.

Long Sill Height Image

RTE is always listening to the needs of our customers and that is what led us to offer two different heights of trapezoidal long sills.  You may choose from the most popular height of 11 in. or select the 8 in. height to lower the center of gravity and reduce weight.  Always consider any components that will sit above the frame of the chassis, as lowering the body will reduce clearance.  Constructed of 3/16” material, which is thicker than 7 gauge steel, RTE long sills are the strongest on the market.

Body Tie-Down Clips Image

Body Tie-Down Clips are available to provide 4 places to attach the J-Hook on tie-down straps.  The clips are often used for V-box spreader attachment points.  They are also useful for body transport.  The Tie-Downs are welded to the Main Rails or Trapezoidal Long Sills.

Body Vibrator Image

A Body Vibrator should be considered in applications where material may become stuck to the inside body.  In order to completely empty the load, the Body Vibrator will shake the floor and dislodge material so that the operator does not need to get out of the cab and break the remaining amount free.  And more than likely, first the operator will try to use the truck brakes to cause the tailgate to slam the body to loosen the material.  Besides damaging the tailgate, this is also especially hard on the body hoist, which can be stretched opened beyond the stage stop limits or by creating dangerous pressure spikes in the cylinder tubes.  By eliminating tailgate slamming, a number of costly repairs are reduced.  Finally, spreading material while dumping is facilitated by the use of a Body Vibrator.


With the Asphalt Bolster design, the floor is specifically constructed to work with underframe asphalt pavers and hoppers.  It will let the tractor pull as far under the body as the chassis frame or tires will allow.  The angled bolster clears the paver when the body is raised delivering asphalt into the hopper.  Then when the load is delivered, the dump body can immediately pull away without the need to wait for the body to lower to get paver clearance, increasing the number of daily runs.  Since there is no asphalt spreader, there is no place for excess material to accumulate.  The position of the tailgate latch keeps it clear of material during discharge.


The Heated Floor option can be added to the Crossmemberless Smooth Side Body line.  The Heated Floor provides a continuous heating source for materials that need to remain at elevated temperatures, such as asphalt.  By efficiently utilizing the existing exhaust system, the Heated Floor is an economical way to benefit your job performance by speeding material discharge performance, since warm material flows uniformly.  For the benefit of the road crew, the consistent material temperature upon delivery simplifies asphalt placement, rates, and grading and sloping distribution.


Spread Aprons provide a way to establish just the right overhang for your chassis and application.  They also improve dumping accuracy.  Many options are available for our Spread Aprons.  We offer 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12” lengths.  Choose from fixed welded or removable spread aprons.  We offer bolt-on removable and pin-on removable choices.

Telescopic Cylinder Image

RTE uses Telescopic hoists for body lengths over 11 ft.  With bore diameters ranging from 6 in. to 8 in., the size of the hoist is matched to the application, so you will never be underpowered or over-specified.  Typical dump angles will be 50 degrees, giving plenty of slope to slide out the most stubborn loads.  RTE works with several hoist manufacturers to offer the widest available selection and will be happy to find the right cylinder for you.

Underbody & Telescopic Sub-Frame Hoists Image

Some smaller units require the use of a sub-frame to mount a hoist to the chassis and body.  RTE offers both Underbody Hoists and Telescopic Hoists mounted into sub-frames.  For our Standard Post Side body, an Underbody Hoist is the cost effective solution for raising your body.  The Underbody Hoist is one of the most durable on the market.  If you are using a body from the LTWT line, RTE offers a suitably matched lightweight Underbody Hoist.  When weight is a consideration, you do not want to carry unneeded heft.  All Sub-Frame Hoists feature simple installation to get you onto the job site right away.  Simply fasten the sub-frame to the chassis frame, hook up the hydraulics and electrics, and go to work!

Trunnion Mount Telescopic Cylinder Image

The Trunnion Mount Telescopic Cylinder was popularized in Europe and Canada, but the American made RTE bodies have brought the option to the rest of us.  Trunnion Mount Telescopic Cylinders allow for a smaller Hoist Tunnel “Dog House” inside the body, which increases the cubic capacity of the body.  RTE uses Custom Hoist, Hyva, or Mailhot cylinders.

Hoist Basket Image

RTE manufactures its complete line of hoist baskets for both traditional standard Telescopic Cylinders and for Trunnion Mount Cylinders.  The standard Hoist Basket holds the Oil Tank and Telescopic Hoist.  It fits directly into the Hoist Tunnel “Dog House” for a protective shield when the body is being loaded.  Trunnion Mount Cylinders have the option to partially extend past the front of the body or be completely covered by the floor.


RTE manufactures its complete line of Oil Tanks for all the various hoist and cylinder options.  Every single Oil Tank is pressure tested to ensure leak proof operation.  Our Oil Tanks are designed specifically for the RTE line of bodies, but will fit many other applications.  Our Pyramid Oil Tank is fastened to the Hoist Basket and fits comfortably inside the Hoist Tunnel “Dog House”.  The Pyramid Oil Tanks are available in 10, 30, and 35 gallon volumes.  Rectangular Side Mount Tanks are attached to the chassis side frame or can be positioned inside chassis frame rails on trucks that have limited space.  They are ideal for use with sub-frame hoists.  The available sizes are 5, 8.5, 15, and 30 gallons.  The Flat Oil Tanks are slim reservoirs that fit between the back of the cab and the front of the body.  They are available in 20 and 50 gallon sizes.  The tall design also increases the pump oil supply head pressure.  Add an optional Hydraulic Fluid Sight Gauge to any of our Oil Tanks to make checking the oil level as easy as taking a quick glance.  Available in standard carbon steel or stainless steel.